American History 2000-2012United States Visual Time Line of Our 21st Century by Gaye Lub

American History 2000-2012

United States Visual Time Line of Our 21st Century by Gaye Lub

References & Acknowledgments

Images and words presented to the American Public came from mass media. I captured the images and words in these collages from magazines, newspapers, tabloids, bill boards, television and the internet. Statistical data came from government and corporate websites.

It would be wonderful to honor every person and photographer who’s image was captured in the making of these collages. We are working on a data base to recognize these people. If you recognize yourself please send me your information so we can publicly thank you and acknowledge you.

Family Support

My family was a great help to me reviewing the assemblage of the collages and advising me. I am grateful for their support, advice, enthusiasm and holding me together during the tough emotional times putting this project together.  Thank You! Sergio, Sonia and Nik! I Love You!


Guy Siratt has been one of my best friends for over 30 years. He is an accomplished multi media artist. Through his passion for photography and computer graphics, Guy has crafted a style that is uniquely his own and continues to showcase his talent through group and individual projects and notoriety in many of the art galleries throughout California. Guy is responsible for the high quality printing that is being displayed at the Fractal Nation Camp at Burning Man 2012.

The collages and Grid are available on-line to download and have printed at a facility of your choice. If you want Guy to have a set printed for you please contact him at:


Devin Dombrowski is not only my nephew he is my Godson. Devin is an amazing young man with humanitarian passions. I am very grateful to Devin for his love and support as well as putting this website together. Inquires contact:


Ryan Mc Guire blessed us with his presence and enthusiasm especially when he jumped in and started recording the documentary about this project. The documentary is still in progress. Further information will be updated soon. If you have inquires about the documentary contact Ryan at:

Friend Support

I need to thank many friends who held my hand while I was putting the collages together. I had moments when I cried, moments when I screamed, moments when I did not know what to do because the data was so complex and multi layered and moments when my hands started shaking. What impressed me was sharing my progress with friends and how it inspired them to remember how our current historical events affected their lives. Rhonda Chadwick, Rachel Avilla, Susan Finney, Lynn Robar and Sandra Perry, you don’t know how much your ears, strength and hugs helped me get through this project.

I also want to give Charles Shaw a special Thank You! Charles saw the progress of the project last spring and extended an invitation for it to be publicly debuted at Fractal Nation – Burning Man 2012. Thank You Charles for opening the door for 65,000 people to have the opportunity to see “The 2000s – Visual History of our 21st Century”.

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