American History 2000-2012United States Visual Time Line of Our 21st Century by Gaye Lub

American History 2000-2012

United States Visual Time Line of Our 21st Century by Gaye Lub


U.S. Dollar and Interest Rates

The U.S. Government should be printing U.S. dollars and controlling interest rates, NOT the Federal Reserve. Who is the Federal Reserve?

Support Public Banking

If states owned their own banks money deposited and distributed could stay local, working for that state. Our cities would not have to pay high interest rates to international multi layered financial institutions.

Re-Identify Corporate Personhood

It’s been noted that the number of lobbyists in Washington D.C. is over twelve thousand. Corporations, Foundations and Think Tanks that are funded by Corporations and Foundations, spend Millions of U.S.D. lobbying self-interest issues that work for international institutions and challenge public financial, health and well being, for present and future generations. Start backtracking some of the bad decisions that have been made.

If individual citizens acted in irresponsible ways that specific corporations have been known to do, they would be put in jail.

Corporate Personhood represents groups of people under the name of individual corporations. It’s hard to find someone to blame when you have 20,000 employees, even harder when you are one corporation that is under a PARENT corporation that has 100 children corporations.

The top layer decision makers of these institutions need to be responsible for what their employees do. Re-Identify Corporate Personhood.


American goods have been outsourced to other countries. Our daily personal consumption is overwhelmed with imported products (Read the Labels). It needs to be more users friendly to buy products made in America. Tax Imports and bring Factories back to America.

Buy Local

Take the time to go to the market and buy fresh local grown produce. Spend the evening cooking a health meal and invite friends over to share it.

Be Conscious

Pay attention to what the news media and advertising is telling you. Read between the lines and the fine print. If you have an emotional reaction don’t ignore it.

Consciously be aware that choices being made in the name of America and Democracy may not be your choices.

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